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If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you

With the recently signed AfCFTA treaty, Nigerian industrialists and investors have to, willy-nilly, compete with their counterparts across Africa. This can be a daunting challenge given the less- than-ideal environment under which Nigerian businesses have to operate.

One major challenge facing the Nigerian entrepreneur is the non-availability and high cost of credit finance which he/she needs to operate optimally. To help reduce this burden, the Funds Intermediation Services Department of Kirsten Turner Consulting has budgeted a princely sum of US$500m FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) to be attracted into the Nigerian economy in Fiscal 2020. It also intends to attract NGN15billion from available local DFI’s (Development Finance Institutions) also for disbursement to local entrepreneurs.

To be sourced from Kirsten Turner Consulting’s partner organizations in the local and international financial circles, these funds would come with interesting and supportive terms, such as:

  • Relatively low interest rates (now averaging six-months LIBOR + 3% for foreign loans and 10% p.a. for locally-sourced loans);
  • Speed of closing the transactions – in a matter of weeks;
  • Funding for any commercially viable (but legally-permissible) projects, be they Trading e.g. Import/Export (a.k.a. buying & selling), Industrial/ Manufacturing Projects, Contracts, Infrastructure & Real Estate projects, etc;

We are able to render this service because we are a NATIONAL Business Development Services Provider [BDSP] partner with the Bank of Industry [BOI], with the mandate to assist the Bank search out and make “bankable”, project proposals of Nigeria-based businesses & corporations; for submission to it for funds’ disbursement.

We are also Country Reps. to a US-based affiliate of the American EXIM Bank for the sole purpose of identifying and pre-selecting worthy projects of well-run corporate organizations in Nigeria that could enjoy the US EXIM guarantee and credit facilities; as well as affiliate and non- affiliate relationship with over a dozen Investment/Merchant banking institutions across Europe and the USA.

We are also in partnership with a New Delhi-based firm for assistance to Nigerian companies to benefit from the India EXIM Bank loan facilities, for companies that want to buy India-made plant, machinery and equipment. More details on our scope of services can be obtained from our website:

We have gone to this length in developing ways of assisting Nigerian companies because of our Mission Statement which is:

“To help our (industrial) clients raise relatively cheap funds (from anywhere in the world) to finance their new and/or existing businesses”

With these affiliations coupled with other ones not mentioned here, we are able to render superb quality fund-sourcing services to investors, entrepreneurs, business men and women by helping them procure [NG N/US $/EU €] funding for their laudable and profitable project propositions. In other words, the common cliché “lack of funds” is no longer a tenable excuse for not executing your projects!!

Invitation: We therefore request that you bring these services to the attention of your reading public. On financing for projects, there is no upper limit to the funding requirements that we can meet or satisfy. While not discountenancing the start-ups, emphasis/preference is naturally given to expansion, diversification and rehabilitation projects.

As the saying goes, it is the early bird that eats the choice/fat worms. We hereby invite investors and entrepreneurs to get across to us early so we can jointly work to make Year 2020 AD one to remember in the annals of their corporate histories.

Signed: Chris. C. Kiwamu, M.Sc., MBA, FIMC, CMC

Managing Consultant/CEO.






















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