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Kirsten Turner Consulting

~~ “Bygone to NEPA, PHCN, TCN & DISCO’s shenanigans; Welcome Peace of Mind” ~~

The absence of regular and reliable electric power supply has been a major hindrance to smooth and profitable business operations in Nigeria. Mindful of this debacle, Kirsten Turner Consulting [KTC] is elated to announce its unique solution to this debilitating problem which has over the years negatively impacted the ease of doing business in Nigeria.

Kirsten Turner Consulting, in association with an international company based in London, England, Messrs. PGA LLP, has developed this unique solution to the epileptic electric power supply from the national grid – GENCO’s, TCN & the DISCO’s – but only for firms using 1MW or more of electric power in their operations.

The Offer:

PGA LLP, based in Mayfair, London develops, finances, builds and operates captive power solutions for medium to large scale manufacturing, industrial and agricultural enterprises at no upfront cost to the beneficiary (user companies).

Its offerings include:

  • Renewable energy such as solar PV, wind, hydro, bio-energy, geothermal; and
  • Conventional power plants based on clean fuels including NGLs e.g. propane and butane, LNG, condensates and white products e.g. diesel and HFO.

Invitation: It is our strong desire to bring this fantastic offer to the attention of your management, if you want steady supply of cost-effective, reliable (24/7) electric power for your manufacturing operations, i.e. if your power requirement is 1MW and above.

If you desire to sign in for this reliable alternative to “NEPA”, given below is the step-by-step engagement process:

The Process:

  • KTC identifies a client and forwards to you its preliminary due diligence/KYC Form;
  • PGA LLP sends out a list of clarification questions to be answered by the client’s technical team;
  • Based on the Clarification response, PGA LLP produces a detailed technical & commercial proposal of its solution to the client;
  • Client reviews the proffered solution and if acceptable to it, a non-binding term sheet setting out the basis of the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or lease will be signed by PGA LLP and the client;
  • Site visit by PGA LLP’s technical team;
  • Based on the findings from the site visit, PGA LLP produces a final commercial and technical proposal and a PPA to the client; and
  • Following execution of the PPA, construction work begins at the project site.

Fuller and more comprehensive details on PPA LLP will be proffered when client shows interest in progressing the process. All the same, kindly find attached to this mail a copy of the company’s Teaser document.

We, Kirsten Turner Consulting [KTC], are Country (Nigeria) Representatives to this UK-based Energy Firm. KTC is renowned for rendering top-market specialist project development, management, financial advisory & funds’ sourcing services to a select clientele in the industrial, manufacturing, agricultural, commercial and service sectors of the Nigerian/African economies. For this alternative energy supply scheme, KTC does not charge you, the client, any fees for this service. All our fees are earned off our Principals, Messrs. PGA LLP.

We look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

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