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Can you advise me on which businesses I should invest in?

How long will it take KTC to complete a Feasibility Report or Business Plan or Market Research Report on my behalf?

The duration of time to be spent on any specific project is dependent on the nature and complexity of the assignment. However, it ranges from 4 weeks (for the simple and straightforward jobs) to 12 weeks (for the complicated assignments).

What does KTC charge for its Business Advisory services?

Our fees are determined by the nature of the assignment, its extent, complexity and the professional input required. It has two aspects – the professional fee, payable at intervals, as the job, is accomplished; and the Incidental expenses (e.g. for transport to and fro the client’s location, hotel board & lodge, etc.).

Can you provide me with Project Management & Monitoring Services during the physical implementation of my project?

We recognize that in spite of the good intentions of project promoters to execute highly desirable projects, the practical realization could be very far from the intended. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as the inadequate management exposure of the promoters. We can therefore, provide you project consultants knowledgeable in the technology of the products and the factory operations involved during the difficult start-up stages of implementation. Generally, during the period of secondment of our consultants to client’s companies, arrangements are usually made to recruit suitable staff for the company to take over from the consultants.

Can you help me recruit key staff to manage my factory’s operations?

We recognize that the management of any business is an onerous responsibility, as only a good management can turn around an otherwise poorly performing business concern. In such circumstances, we, therefore, provide a recruitment service to access suitable candidates who meet the peculiar requirements of their specific companies and business environments.

Do you render Manpower Development & Training Services?

KTC has long recognized that a major key to corporate success in an increasingly competitive business environment lies clearly in sustained investment in staff training. We have therefore designed our comprehensive range of inter-linked programmes, seminars, and workshops with quality in mind, reflecting the training and developmental needs of the entire workforce. With an emphasis on the use of modern pedagogical methods and presentation techniques together with excellent instructional support by professionals who are proven experts in their fields, we impart knowledge that gives your staff the invaluable competitive edge. In-plant management training services or public training programmes could be ...

Do you carry out Management and Manpower Audits?

We are aware that all dynamic organizations need the periodic review of their operations to recognize and deal with all those forces within and without that are capable of impeding progress. Our Audits identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization as an entity as well as the opportunities and threats in the environment; advising you on how to turn a weaknessinto strength and threats into business

Does Kirsten Turner Consulting lend money?

Does KTC Charge an Application/Retainer fee?

For local loans, KTC does not charge any Application/Retainer fees where it prepared the Business Plan/Feasibility Study Report in support of the loan application. Otherwise, incidental charges for project review & repackaging would apply. Note that some lenders would require the payment of certain pre-disbursement fees before loan funds are released to the loan applicant. For foreign loans, KTC does not also charge an Application/Retainer fee, however many off-shore lenders require a loan application fee/Retainer. Where this is the case, the applicant pays this directly to the lender or its agents. KTC is an independent contractor and not an Agent.

How do you charge for your services?

As is the universal practice, we work on a tariff schedule. However, this is a Success Fee due only when we successfully clinch funding on our client’s behalf. The fee ranges from1% – 4% of the funding value; the percentage sliding down as the loan amount increases.

What are the Minimum and Maximum Amounts that can be borrowed?

KTC cannot obtain funds for projects valued less than NG N50million for local loans and the US $1.0million for foreign loans. There are no upper limits.

What type of Projects do you finance?

All legally permissible and commercially viable projects will be financed. Different funders have preferences for certain types of projects. We will put in your loan request to funders best suited to financing your type of project.

How long will it take to close?

Once a project is approved by a lender/investor, it depends entirely upon the speed with which a client conforms to any additional request for documentation from the funder. This process can take as little as a few weeks or up to 60 to 90 days.

Can you guarantee that my Project will be funded?

KTC does not, and indeed cannot, guarantee that all loan applications will be successfully funded. This is because successfully sourcing any loan is dependent more on the borrower’s track record & experience as well as the project’s innate potentials than on the Intermediator’s expertise and knowledge. However, if we accept your project and did our preliminary due diligence/initial investigations, the chances of arranging an investor/lender is very high. From experience, we know that things can go wrong between borrowers and lenders/investors, and if they go wrong, more often than not, the borrowers are usually to be blamed for not giving ...


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